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Letter my mother received once HK was liberated. I would assume mom was taking food parcels to those in Shamshuipo PoW camp.

Date picture taken
29 Aug 1945


Hi Megabyte

I did see your comment when you posted it last month and I apologise for the delay in replying!

It took me a while to find which box I'd packed the original letter but finally got around to typing out the words, so here it is ...

29th August, 1945

Dear Sir/Madam

We, the undersigned, being the Senior Officers of Forces who have been Prisoners of War in Hong Kong, wish to take the opportunity of expressing to you, on behalf of all Officers and other Ranks, our very dear appreciation of your efforts in providing us with parcels.

It is possible that all those who have benefited may not have an immediate opportunity to thank you personally but that must not be allowed to leave an impression that all of us do not realise, as far as is within our power, both in the collection of supplies and the delivery of parcels, which is your selfless service you have had to overcome.

We realise that there must be many who have helped and of whose identity we are ignorant, and we would be glad if you would if you would inform any such of our ffe [sic] feelings in the matter, and that it is our hope that we may have some opportunity in the future of repaying the great debt that we owe.

It is our intention, at the earliest moment, to inform the Authorities at Home of the great service which you have so unselfishly performed during the years of our imprisonment, and to point out that the receipt of these parcels probably saved many lives and undoubtedly prevented the complete breakdown of the physical and mental health of large numbers.

We have the honour to be (Sir/Madam)

Your obedient Servants

(signed) Commander R.N., Senior Naval Officer

(signed) Colonel R.A. Commanding Imperial R Troops

(signed) Lt-Colonel Commanding --- [paper torn]



Mrs L Pio-Ulski

23 Cameron Road

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