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Roger Edward LINDSELL [1885-1940]

Roger Edward
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I'm looking for photos / sketches / portraits of him for the CPS project's history book.

His dates of birth & death are given in the family tree at: Unfortunately there aren't any contact details to get in touch with the person maintaining it.

DoD confirmed by his gravestone:

Other dates:

There aren't any relevant results for lindsell in the photo search at HKPRO.

He served on Legco briefly, but they don't have a photo:

No relevant results for lindsell hong kong in the UKNA.

I have found any family trees that mentions him, apart from the one mentioned above for dates of birth & death. There is a general discussion about that family name at:


Photos that show this person



There is a photo of Lindsell on p7 of the HK Telegraph of November 22 1940.

R E Lindsell

 Lindsell had died at the age of 55 in Durban on his way back from leave in England.  

Thanks Doug, and thanks for the clippings by email too - very useful.

Regards, David

Here is a better version of the picture

Roger Lindsell



In 1934 the Secretary of State for the Colonies named as permanent Puisne Judge Roger Edward Lindsell, the third son of a Herefordshire solicitor who had put in time out East earlier.  Lindsell had been made a Cadet in the Hong Kong Civil Service in 1910 and married a British woman in Canton in that year. Canton was where civil servants went to do a year or two of lannguage training before taking up their posts. He replaced Philip Jacks who had acted as Puisne Judge on several occasions in the early 1930s.

Lindsell clearly made a good impression, as along with Chief Justice MacGregor and Jacks, he was awarded the King's Silver Jubilee Medal in 1935‘in recognition of … loyal and valuable services to the Empire.' 

Under Hong Kong Personalities, there is a sketch of Lindsell and bio of him in the HK Sunday Herald, Page 8 dated 12 May 1935.

A search led me to this連些路 ... I think, in my non-linguist way - a Chinese language Wikipedia entry. There is a differnt photo and a charactature. Although I can't read the text, the reference list has given some interesting leads. If any one can do any more with this than I can, it would be interesting to know what's said. 



Actually I'm the main contributor of this entry, so nice to meet all of you.

This entry mainly focus on his contributions in Hong Kong, including some important cases from 1910s-1930s including the "Student Umbrella Movement" in 1919 and the Murder of Sybil Ruby Challinor (aka The Peak Murder) in 1938. Unfortunately his premature death occured in 1940.

Lindsell was keen on many sports like badminton and tennis, and he was a fan of bridge, drama and collecting stamps.

For more details of the "Student Umbrella Movement" in 1919, please kindly refer to the book Civil Unrest and Governance in Hong Kong: Law and Order from Historical and Cultural Perspectives By Michael H. K. Ng and John D. Wong (Chapter 2).

And the photo was from the South China Morning Post.