Old mine east of the Twins [????- ]

Submitted by scottp on Sun, 07/19/2020 - 14:44
Current condition


Photos that show this Place


That looks a lot tougher rock than the usual crumbly stuff the tunnels are dug through.

Is it just a straight tunnel into the hill, or does it have multiple branches / entrances?

Hi David, yes it was solid rock, there were two chambers but possibly more - one went straight ahead and stopped, and the other made a right turn, then another right turn - possibly another exit but we didn't go to the bottom of it. Could more or less stand up in it. Lots of frogs!

One of the hikers with us on that day has found this link which matches what we found: https://industrialhistoryhk.org/mystery-buildings-near-stanley-industrial-connection/ - I will update the references from Japanese tunnel to old mine and send that website a link to this page too. We did see the foundations of one building nearby but not the remains of a rail track or anything else industrial. Need to go back some time with a machete and better prepared.