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Ferry Point Estate

Ferry Point Estate

source:  uwants.com - post #2008 by user 4rex -  http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=14833421&page=134#pid213777623

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1975


Greetings.  They look like small veranda on the front of these buildings, which I don't think was part of the original design.  They are gone (soon also their ocean's view) as shown in current aerial photos.  Were they intended for flowers and laundry only?  On some other buildings, owners extended the front just enough for plants/flowers enclosed with metal bars, and they too are gone.  Is it out of fashion, or due to safety regulations?  Thanks.  OldTimer

Greetings. I'm not familiar with the original design, but these balconies are already on the earliest photos I've found. e.g. from the late 1960's:

1960s Jordan Apartments and Ferry Pier
1960s Jordan Apartments and Ferry Pier, by eternal1966e

And there are so many of them thatI can't imagine they were not intended from the start. But I don't know for sure.

More photos here.

Regards, Klaus

Thank you Klaus for your reply.  Your other photos show the balconies* on all the units.  The design and appearance were consistent throughout so they must have been part of the original plan.  One photo has no balcony which I think was removed some time later.  The current Google photos show that almost all the balconies are no longer there, and their anchor and base* marks are visible.

* These may not be balcony for walkout, as I cannot spot any passage connecting to the interior.

Perhaps it was management's decision to remove all of them for reasons we don't know.  Regards,  Peter  

are you talking about the sloped balconies at the top of the buildings or the thin extended parts that jut from the building ends up to the floor where the slopes start. I walked by here ealier today and can confirm everything is as it was but the sloped upper sections have largely been enclosed (very common in HK) to make more interior space.

Many thanks philk, it was very nice of you to make a special trip.  I was referring to the recessed walls of the first dozen levels.  In Klaus' link to HT's photos, the first full size photo shows these mini veranda's (only name I can think of for now) when the buildings were still on the water front.  They appear to extend no more than 20 inches from the wall.

The February 2009 Google photos from Man Cheong Street shows the repair marks after the veranda's were removed.  Their original purposes were likely limited to flower pots and laundry.  The December 2016 photos show exterior renovation taking place.  Regards,  Peter


Okay, gotcha, the small rectangles underneath the sea facing windows? If you look at the other side of the building along Ferry St you can see a couple of examples of wire frames that look as though they were the structures - now minus their rectangular covers. Click the link below


Most likely after 60 years of HK weather most of them have been removed before they collapsed. But the fact that a few still remain makes me think it was probably not a building wide removal.

The following link shows you one with the rectangles still on it.


Thanks philk.  Air conditioners everywhere!.  On the building to the right, one flat ran out of space so they placed a unit on a concrete girder.  It is a big unit and they apparently built a good support for it.  Regards,  Peter