Three-storey building on west side of entrance to Naval Yard [????-c.1967] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Three-storey building on west side of entrance to Naval Yard [????-c.1967]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place demolished: 
c.1967-12-31 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

There were two three-storey buildings on the north side of Queen's road, one on either side of the entrance to the Naval Yard. This page is for the building on the west side of the entrance. It is the building marked with the "A" in both the photos below:

Annotated A076
Annotated A076, by Admin


Annotated NDA11
Annotated NDA11, by Admin


Photos that show this place


A map from 1946-1959 with inscriptions can be viewed here. Possibly not the original designation of the buildings.

In 1972, building A has been demolished already, whereas B is still standing.

1972 Cotton Tree Drive
1972 Cotton Tree Drive, by eternal1966e

This was probably the most important building in the colony - the Rum Store! From the early 1860's chart  see an extension was added (coloured blue -labeled Shed No 2) The original building (coloured yellow) shows up on plans from the 1840s.

Plan of Naval Dockyard 1863-64
Plan of Naval Dockyard 1863-64, by Herostratus

Demolition date is c1967. Below is a pic from 1966 with the building still in place, however it disappears soon after: 

View from Government House east towards Wanchai across Admiralty
View from Government hHuse east towards Wanchai, by Herostratus


On the 1901.3 map on the following designations are shown:

A   Store&Quarters

B   Store Office & Quarters

C   Headquarters Office / Comissariat

An interesting aerial view, attributed to 1963, possibly taken later:

1963 - Admiralty (detail)
1963 - Admiralty (detail), by Links Gwulo to Library photos