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New on Gwulo: 2019, week 06

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1968 Lockhart Road - Bar Scene
1968 Lockhart Road - Bar Scene, by eternal1966e


Aberdeen., by James Gregory


Shek O 1960
Shek O 1960, by James Gregory


Path on way to lighthouse from LSW.
Path on way to lighthouse from LSW., by James Gregory


Postcard Hong Kong - Hong Kong View from the Cricket Ground, 1905
View from the Cricket Ground, 1905, by Charles in Shanghai


Parade in Kowloon
Parade in Kowloon, by PaperOwl


New Territories fishing 1952.
New Territories fishing 1952., by Ewart Hunt


The Governor at Kai Tak
The Governor at Kai Tak, by mike cussans


Wanchai Hennessy Road
Wanchai Hennessy Road, by Mick Green


Kaitak, by Allan Fraser


1972 Lockhart Road
1972 Lockhart Road, by Eternal1966


c 11.JPG
c 11.JPG, by Damien Ng


1969 Peking Road
1969 Peking Road, by eternal66a


Tai Koo Dockyard Staff Quarters 1952
Tai Koo Dockyard Staff Quarters 1952, by Ewart Hunt


1950s Vehicular Ferry Pier (Jubilee Street)
1950s Vehicular Ferry Pier (Jubilee Street), by Moddsey


Shaukiwan near tram terminus 1952.
Shaukiwan near tram terminus 1952., by Ewart Hunt


1950s Graham Street
1950s Graham Street, by Moddsey


Jubilee Street ferry pier
Jubilee Street ferry pier, by Ewart Hunt


Cochrane Street
Cochrane Street, by Ewart Hunt


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Looking for information about:

  • Lloyd KAY [c.1881-1929], full name George Albert Lloyd KAY, wharfinger at Kowloon Docks. Also hoping to learn what the "Bowling Greens Golf" was.
  • Dorothy Elizabeth DARKIN (née DAVIES) [1931-1972], and / or husband Rick, sons Angus and Rodney.
  • Natasha would like to hear any information about the location & people in these photos. They were taken in the 1960s and show a group of Russian refugees from Xinjiang in China, that included her mother and several family members. They were in Hong Kong for some time before moving to their new countries to live. Click the photos to see Natasha's notes, and to leave any comments you can add.
    • Russian Refugees at the Hong Kong YMCA
    • Russian Refugees at the Hong Kong YMCA
    • Russian Refugees in Hong Kong
    • Russian Refugees in Hong Kong
  • Andrew SALMON (aka Jack) [1919-2000], Royal Artillery then POW in HK & Japan. Worked in HK's Prisons Department, 1949-1974.
  • Do you recognise this man?
    • portrait of Hong Kong comprador Tong Lai Chuen, Holland-China Trading Company, ca. 1908
      portrait of a Hong Kong comprador, Holland-China Trading Company, ca. 1910, by Charles in Shanghai
  • Stanley Camp internees


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