Parade in Kowloon

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 06:40

My grandmother passed away last week and my family is currently sorting through the vast array of items she and my grandfather collected over the decades. Grandfather was an avid photographer so one of our tasks has been sifting through the piles of old photo albums. This parade picture was striking to me because it was out of place from the family travel photos that dominate the majority of the albums. My parents were based in Kowloon so I am guessing the photo was taken in Kowloon — but other than that I know little else. Curious to know if anyone can recognize the street

Date picture taken


There's a photo showing the same ceremonial arch on p.60 of A Century of Kowloon Roads and Streets, which says it was on Nathan Road, near to the junction with Shantung Street.