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George Albert Lloyd KAY [c.1881-1929]

George Albert Lloyd
c.1881-12-31 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Hello my name is Jeff Kay and I live in Canada. I have a golf trophy, see attached, that was presented to my grandfather in 1918.
I have searched the internet for Bowling Greens Golf (name on trophy) and cannot determine where this golf club was/is. I know my Grandfather was a merchant marine and resided in Hong Kong during that time. His name was Lloyd Kay. I have never seen my grandfather. If someone could help with any information it would be truly appreciated. I can send a picture of the trophy, did not know how to attach.
 I truly appreciate any assistance.
\Jeff Kay
Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada


I see several mentions of a George Abert Lloyd Kay (see

Could this be your grandfather?

Here's how to upload a photo so we can see the cup:

yes this would be my grandfather. Do you know if there was a golf course named bowling green in 1918

Suggest to follow instuctions and insert a  photo of the trophy. You may get replies by doing so.

I uploaded photo's but cannot connect them to this conversation??????

Hi Jeff, the photos didn't make it to the website successfully - please could you have another go at uploading them? (Those instructions again:

Also, please could you let us know your grandfather's dates of birth & death, and the years he was in Hong Kong if known?

do not know when my grandfather was born or when he died.  His name is George Albert Lloyd Kay. I know he resided in Hong Kong in and around 1915 to 1926. He worked at Wharfinger HK & Kaloon. I have ship logs showing he came to Canada, took my grandmother back and then logs of her coming home with my father and without George. I do not know if George died or they simply separated. My Father's (Lloyd Dalzell Kay) birth date was May of 1926. I will try again with the pictures.

Georges father was Lloyd and he also worked at the wharfinger. He is listed in the juror's list 1915, so I assume he obtained employment for his son.

There is a Kowloon Bowling Green Club, however lawn bowls is the major sport played.  The Docks may have also had a separate Bowling Green Club. Suggest to trawl the newspapers of the day to pinpoint the event. Some information on Lloyd Kay here from the online newspapers. 


Jeff Kay Golf
Jeff Kay Golf, by jefff kay

Looking at the link Moddsey provided, Lloyd Kay's obituary appeared on page 2 of The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1929-01-11:



As briefly reported last evening, the death occurred yesterday of Capt, G. A. Lloyd Kay, master mariner, chief wharfinger at the Kowloon Godowns, which occurred at the French Hospital.

The deceased, a native of St John's, New Brunswick, Canada, was only 47 years of age. After going to sea at an early stage of his career, he latterly held a master  mariner's certificate in both sail and steam. He was a resident of long standing, having served the Godown Co. for 15 years, and was on searchlight duty in Hongkong during the war.

Although a member of the Masonic order, it is understood that he was not affiliated to any local lodge. He had many social connexions with the congregation of the Union Church, Kowloon, to which body he was attached.

An author of no small accomplishments, he was a regular contributor to the Sea Stories Magazine, while he had also published several independent works, embodying facts from his own adventurous life. The deceased was also an enthusiastic philatelist and was a member of the local Philatelic club.

Returning from a vacation in Canada about a year ago, Captain Kay was compelled to go to hospital in December with appendicitis and after an operation, rallied somewhat, but complications set in and it was announced some few days ago that recovery was impossible.

The deceased leaves a wife and son, both at present in the Colony, to whom the utmost sympathy will be extended in their heavy bereavement.

The funeral will pass the Monument at 5 p.m. to-day.

thank you David, I did see this. Can you tell me what they mean by "colony"? 

HK - British colony

If you're interested Jeff:

George Albert Lloyd Kay married Dolores Martin Gregory on 27th February 1913 at Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States of America. It was the first marriage for the both of them.

He was 32 years old then (birth year c.1881) and claimed to be born in Canada. He was a mariner.

His parents were Albert Kay and Mary Harrington

Dolores was 28 years of age (birth year c.1885) and claimed to be born in England. She was a sternographer. She came to New York on the S.S. Lapland.

Her parents were Arthur Gregory and Ellen Martin

wow, this is all news to me. I am really intrigued by this man, my grandfather. Where did you get this information? I cannot find any birth records of him in Canada, Something very mysterious about him. Thank you very much.

Glad to help Jeff. All this is easily found on (for free). Just register and punch in the names. Images of the various registers/document also freely available to view on-line. If you have trouble accessing I can email you the images.



Albert Kay married Mary J Harrington in Westmoreland County, New Brunswick, Canada 18th July 1880


“I hereby certify that Albert Kay of Salisbury, Petitcodiac N.B. and Miss Mary J. Harrington of Petitcodiac were married by me B.B. Gorey on this eighteenth 18 day of July in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty


This marriage was solemnised between us Albert Kay Mary J. Harrington

In presence of Geo. G. Jones Mrs George Jones”


Certificate Number 6097, page 511, Westmoreland County, New Brunswick Marriage Registers (1789-1889)


This narrows the search for your grandfather’s birth to New Brunswick…probably. He had a sister called Jessica Maud Kaye (born c.1889 in Forest, New Brunswick) who later married William Archibald Ellis on 17th June 1908 in Saint John, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Yes, for the moment I too can't find a record of your grandfather's birth in New Brunswick...but never say never. His sister was living in Saint John, New Brunswick at the time of her marriage and your grandfather's obituary mentioned he was a native of Saint John so these areas will naturally be the focus for research. 



Interestingly there is no registration of any birth for the name Dolores Martin Gregory for England and Wales…ever. This means:

1) The birth was never registered

2) The birth was registered under a different name

3) She was born outwith England and Wales



There is a marriage of Ellen Martin and Arthur Horatio Gregory in the June quarter of 1879 in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire.


In the 1881 British Census Arthur was a Solicitors Managing Clerk in Law, living with his new young wife. They lived in Moss Street, Huddersfield. He was born in Sheffield in 1857. Incidentally his birth was registered as Horatio Arthur Gregory in the September quarter of 1857 in Sheffield. Maybe as an adult he preferred to be called Arthur as his first name rather than the lofty Horatio.


Ellen Martin was also born in Sheffield in 1860 according to the 1881 British Census. I suspect she was the one registered in the September quarter of 1859 in Ecclesall Bierlow in the West Riding of Yorkshire.


Brief history of The Kowloon Bowling Green Club



thank you ever so much, I am truly grateful