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Whitfield junior school, Kowloon [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

I've created this Place based on recent photos added by the Webb family.

It was a junior school for children whose parents were in Hong Kong with the British armed forces. From its name I assume it was in Whitfield Barracks, but if you can tell us more about its location and when it was in operation, please let us know in the comments below.


Photos that show this place



I attended the school at Whitfield barracks from January 1955, when we arrived in HK. We lived initially in the Shamrock Hotel but soon moved to the Ritz in Austin Road, then to a flat at 28 Austin Avenue. I soon moved on to the school at Gun Club Barracks as the Whitfield school was for infants and at seven I was old enough for junior school. However my brother, who was four years younger, continued at the Whitfield school for some time. I think he may be the boy in the front row of the photo, second from the right with a hat and his hand to his mouth.

Good to hear you were there - please do you remember whether the school was in the Whitfield Barracks as the name suggests?

Yes the school was in the barracks, which were situated on the corner of Austin Road West and Nathan Road. I cannot remember a great deal about it as I was only there for a short time before transferring to Gun Club, where I remained for the rest of our posting. My father worked at HMS Tamar as a dockyard employee until April 1958. I revisited the area in 1982 en route to New Zealand and was pleasantly surprised to see that our old flat was still standing, though now demolished.


I was at Gun Club school from 1953 to 1954, we were bussed there every day in RASC three-tonners and the route included Whitfield Barracks and the infant school. Later I went to Minden Row school for one term before going to KG5 in Sept. 54 for two years. My father was in the RAOC at the time. Happy memories! His book Fragrant Springs gives a quaint picture of the colony as it was then.