Dorothy Elizabeth DARKIN (née DAVIES) [1931-1972] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Dorothy Elizabeth DARKIN (née DAVIES) [1931-1972]

Dorothy Elizabeth
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Finsbury, Islington, London
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Dorothy Elizabeth Darkin née Davies (born sometime between April and June 1931) was married to a Rick Darkin (I think maybe Richard Eric son of Norman Darkin?) who was a Superintendent in the RHKP in Mongkok, Kowloon at the time of her death. We believe she had left the UK for New Zealand as a nurse in the late 1950s before ending up in HK. She had two sons (Angus and Rodney) who would have been born in the 1960s. The last known address was in Broadcast Drive, Kowloon. My Aunt Dorothy died in the Matilda International Hospital on the Peak in Hong Kong Island on or around the 1st of May 1972 from cancer. I believe her husband may have remarried soon after and all contact with that side of our family was lost. Records are proving hard to find.

I am looking for any confirmation or tips on when or where Dorothy might have met and married Rick, (and whether he is the Richard Eric Darkin I believe him to be) and where my two cousins Angus and Rodney may have ended up. Hopefully also where my aunt Dorothy might be buried.

Really any information or advice on anyone in this family and what might have happened to them after Dorothy died would be welcomed. Thank you.



Dorothy Elizabeth Davies born 19 April  1931 Finsbury London daughter of Charles William Davies 1901 - 1955 and Martha Maud E Dudley 1905 -1977. Died 1 May 1972 Matilda Hospital Hong Kong

Trained as a nurse Chelmsford and Essex Hospital Registered 1952

Marriage  to Richard Eric Darkin 14 March 1966 Hong Kong He died 29 October 2017 Spain

Angus Richard Darkin born 24 September 1966 Hong Kong. Died 17 February 2016 Rugby Warwickshire

Pasenger list Voyage Hong Kong to New Zealand 1952

William N Darkin 51 police officer

Marie C Darkin 46

Richard E Darkin 15

Yvonne C Darkin 11

William Norman Darkin born 21 April 1901 Manchester Died 18 April 1976 Auckland New Zealand