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Lindy's Restaurant and Delicatessen [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

Was located at 57 Peking Road. The restaurant changed to Spaghetti House later.

From a Gwulo commentmr koval opened this resto/deli which served kosher jewish foods.  i was friends with his daughters arlene and bonnie and although we were not allowed inside at mealtimes, were often served a plate of chips around 16h (our specific request).  this after pounding the streets of tst of a saturday. they left hong kong for hawaii in 72 but lindy's survived for many more years.   i see now it has been revived as a 'spaghetti house' - oh well

Photos that show this place


I had my first Lindy's meal at the Lower Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road. Perhaps around 1968.

There was another Lindy's at Wyndham Street/Queen's Road Central.