Cataloguing the Harrison Forman photos | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Cataloguing the Harrison Forman photos

After creating 'Image (external) records for each of the photos, work through them to identify:

Date photo taken.

I'm using the 'earliest possible date' as the rule for these. eg:

  • The default is 1940-01-01, as we know he started taking photos in 1940.
  • Or if there is a photo of a completed ARP tunnel, and we know they were completed in April 1941, use 1941-04-01.
  • In some rare cases we may see an advertisement for a film showing at a cinema. Set the date for thh photo to be the first date the film was shown.

Places shown in the photo.

Create new places if necessary.

Tag by theme.

Current tags are:

  • ARP. Tunnels, pen shelters, sandbags, etc. Anything connected withe the Air Raid Precaution work. Also add these more specific tags if appropriate:
  1. ARP portal
  • tram. Any views of trams, the tram tracks, or taken from trams.
  • harbour view. Any views in or around the sea. Ships, junks, piers, etc.