1950s Norman Lawson's photos

Submitted by David on Fri, 03/05/2010 - 17:59

Thanks to Craig for getting access to these photos for us. As I understand the story, he met a family friend, Norman Lawson, who was visiting HK, with the offer to help him get around HK. On meeting, he found that Norman had also bought a well-annotated photo album from his time in HK in the mid-1950s.

Norman kindly agreed to share the photos, so Craig borrowed the album, scanned all the pages, and here they are.

Craig also sent this brief introduction from Norman:

When I arrived in HK in 1955, we disembarked from SS Dunera (after a 5 week voyage!) and arrived at RAF Northpoint, Thence by lorry to Little Sai Wan where we were quartered and went to work at Cap d'Aguilar, which was near a Cable and Wireless station.

After about a year there, we were posted to Mount Davis, where I served out the remainder of my National Service.

Both Cap D'ag and Mt. Davis were Radar stations. CD for fighter control (I was in Fighter Command/FEAF) whilst MD was surveillance. We tracked the Migs from Peking (as was) towards HK before they turned around.

We must have done this hundreds of times! A fairly pointless exercise, as it was generally acknowledged that our aging Vampires and Meteors would hardly be off the Kai Tak runway if they came all the way!

Many thanks to Norman for sharing his photos with us, and to Craig for making it possible.

Here are the photos. Click the 'Previous image' link on the right of each photo to see the next page in the album. (I know... I've got them back-to-front!). Here's the link to the first page.