Historical Photographs of China

Submitted by Jane on Thu, 07/12/2012 - 05:35

Just came across this site in case people don't know about it: http://hpc.vcea.net/

Some of the pictures are of HK.


Please note the new url for the Historical Photographs of China (HPC) project: https://www.hpcbristol.net/. This site is copied over once a month to our mirror site, which is hosted in Shanghai: https://www.hpcbristol.sjtu.edu.cn/. The latter site includes pages in Chinese.


Among the over 21,000 images on the HPC site, there are currently nearly 900 of Hong Kong, in particular in the following collections:

Eleanor Mitchell Collection https://www.hpcbristol.net/collections/mitchell-eleanor

Henry Rue Collection https://www.hpcbristol.net/collections/rue-henry

Francis Davidson Collection https://www.hpcbristol.net/collections/davidson-francis

Martin Funnell Collection https://www.hpcbristol.net/collections/funnell-martin.

Also there are Hong Kong images in these albums or book:

VH03 (photographs by William Floyd, 1860s) https://www.hpcbristol.net/search?query=VH03

BL05 (early 1950s) https://www.hpcbristol.net/search?query=BL05

Bk09 (Picturesque Hong Kong, 1924) https://www.hpcbristol.net/search?query=Bk09

JC01 (1920s) https://www.hpcbristol.net/search?query=JC01

NA15 (1874 typhoon) https://www.hpcbristol.net/search?query=NA15

NA18 (Storm damage, 1889) https://www.hpcbristol.net/search?query=NA18

NA21 (New Territory, 1901) https://www.hpcbristol.net/search?query=NA21

NA26 (Belilios Reformatory & HK panorama, c.1860) https://www.hpcbristol.net/search?query=NA26.


You can search for Hong Kong in the Location field in Advanced Search. Or search the site using a keyword/tag, e.g. Pedder.

More Hong Kong images are due to be added to the HPC site in 2020.

Gwulo's readers are very welcome to help identify street names, or people, or correct any mistakes etc, on the HPC site. You can add comments on any image details page (at the bottom right hand side of the page).Thank you!