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Capitol Theatre - Synopsis - For Whom The Bell Tolls (1956)

This could be the synopsis to be picked up as people entered the hall.  The story is based on the  1940 novel with the same name.   The film was made and released in July 1943, and here at Capital Theatre, its showing started on September 8, 1956, three times a day - 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 9:15 pm.  Its Chinese film title was well selected, I may say.

Given the famous story line and well-known actor and actress, the audience turn out must have been very high.

Golden Star Theatre 金星戲院 (1968)

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Golden Star Theatre / 金星戲院 (1968)

Source: uwants.com - post #4042 by user 4rex - http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=14833421&page=270#pid229655844

Hong Kong China Fleet Club Programme 1946

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Alhambra Theatre's Neighbours

Alhambra Theatre is partially visible on the left.  This photo focuses on the five shops next to the theatre on Nathan Road, and theatre-goers walking from the north may remember them.   Another point of interest is the sign of the Blue Taxi Cabs Ltd.  I have long forgotten its bend until I see this photo today.  There was a reason for the bend but I don't remember what it was, and it is not possible to explain by looking at this photo.  Artistic, visibility, material shortage, wrong measurement?

1966 Princess theater

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1960 King Wah

Salomon and Sheba was released on October 27, 1959. So the date is confirmed.

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Chinese YMCA - Bridges Street - 1917 Corner Stone

Chinese YMCA Building, 51 Bridges Street, Hong Kong - the laying of the corner stone in 1917.  Construction was completed the following year.  Note the method used in the placement of the cornerstone, the invited guests and dignitaries, and no doubt some workers were among the crowd.

Photo source: uwants.com - post #3458 by user 4rex - http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=14833421&page=231#pid227564841

Liberty Theatre / 快樂戲院 (1954 stage widening)

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Liberty Theatre - photo taken during widening of the stage in 1954.  Was this the original screen, or a temporary screen during the renovation?

Source: uwants.com - post #3360 by user 4rex - http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=14833421&page=224#pid227003087

King's Theatre (2nd generation) / 娛樂戲院 [1964-1990]

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Date Place demolished: 

Address: 34 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

This page is about the King's Theatre (second generation).  The first generation King's Theatre -  https://gwulo.com/node/6980#15/22.2816/114.1565/Map_by_ESRI-Markers/100 -  operated during the period 1931-1962, and its last day of operation was on September 1, 1962.


1948 Wyndham Street

The film shown is" Captain from Castile" starring Tyrone Power. The movie was released in December, 1947.

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