New on Gwulo: 2022, week 20

Submitted by David on Mon, 05/30/2022 - 16:00

Gwulo's newsletter takes an extended break

I don't plan to send out any weekly Gwulo newsletters in June, July, or August, while I'm working on the upgraded Gwulo website (details below), and visiting family in the UK.

During that time, the daily Wartime Diaries emails will continue to be sent, so if you'd like to keep hearing from Gwulo you're welcome to subscribe to the 77 years ago series. You'll receive emails from Jun-Aug 1945 that cover the liberation of Hong Kong after the Japanese occupation, so it's an exciting period to follow.

You also have the option to visit the What's new page at any time, and see all the latest posts and photos from contributors.

Otherwise, I'll be back in your mailbox in September. By then I expect the upgrade will be finished, and I can get back to writing about old Hong Kong photos at long last.


A look at the latest additions to Gwulo...


  • Regular readers will recognise Stephen Davies, as he has helped answer many nautical-themed questions here on Gwulo. His new book was published earlier this month: Transport to Another World: HMS Tamar and the Sinews of Empire
  • Readers are looking for any information about:


  • Upgrade update:
    • I've re-run the whole upgrade from scratch, fixing the last few bugs that appeared along the way. The real upgrade is ready to begin!

      Tomorrow, Tuesday 31 May, I'll set the website to be read-only. You'll still be able to view all its pages, but won't be able to add or edit anything.

      After the old server is set to read-only, I'll make a copy of it, run the upgrade again, and then upload the upgraded site to the new server at the hosting company. Once the new server is ready (hopefully before the end of this week), I'll post a message here on to give you details of how to access it.

      I plan to run this old server and the new upgraded server in parallel for several months. The old server will continue to be a read-only snapshot of the site from 31 May, and the new server is where we'll add new content. Once the new server is running smoothly and all major bugs have been fixed, the old server can be retired.








banoo_villa_05_north_facade.jpg, by PaulO


trainstation_1960s.jpg, by danielwettling


1960s Lei Cheng Uk Resettlement Estate
1960s Lei Cheng Uk Resettlement Estate , by Moddsey


1930s Happy Valley Recreation Grounds  & Broadwood Ridge
1930s Happy Valley Recreation Grounds & Broadwood Ridge, by Moddsey


queensway_1972.jpg, by danielwettling


wuhu_street_playground_1970s.jpg, by simtang


Beach Party - possibly at Big Wave Bay 1952
Beach Party - possibly at Big Wave Bay 1952, by Unknown


tai wan shan 1956.jpg
tai wan shan 1956.jpg, by simtang


1970s Junction of Caine Lane and Po Hing Fong
1970s Junction of Caine Lane and Po Hing Fong, by nahmsai


1973 Johnston Road
1973 Johnston Road, by ytvd53


1973 Luard Road
1973 Luard Road, by ytvd53


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Man Loong Ginger Factory at Yaumati
Man Loong Ginger Factory at Yaumati, by Klaus


1960s O’ Brien Road
1960s O’ Brien Road, by nahmsai


1960s Junction of Carnarvon Road and Prat Avenue
1960s Junction of Carnarvon Road and Prat Avenue , by nahmsai


hunghom-north_point_pier.jpg, by simtang


Sir Robert Ho Tung
Sir Robert Ho Tung, by Klaus


Hongkong Steam Laundry Ltd.; Premises at Yaumati
Hongkong Steam Laundry Ltd.; Premises at Yaumati, by Klaus


gloucester_building_roof_terrace.jpg, by PaulO


1987_hunghom_bay.png, by simtang


Grampian Road?
Grampian Road?, by nahmsai


1966-9-24_lingnan_stadium.png, by simtang


1946 Kai Tak Airport
1946 Kai Tak Airport, by Sanford Bragg


furama_hotel_under_construction_1972.jpg, by danielwettling


1923_fung_fai_terrace.png, by simtang


hong_kong_-_usa_military_target_map1944.jpg, by PaulO


hong_kong_harbor_-_usa_military_target_map1944.jpg, by PaulO


star_ferry_oriental_star_drawing.jpg, by PaulO


st_francis_hotel.jpg, by PaulO


1923 - Visiting-card for Morris A. 'Two-Gun' Cohen, A.D.C. to Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen..jpg
1923 - Visiting-card for Morris A. 'Two-Gun' Cohen,
​​​​​​​A.D.C. to Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen, by essarem


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