Arthur Harry Aeroux PENN [1898-1972]

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Arthur Harry Aeroux
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Penge, Surrey
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Known as "Harry".

This account, cited in the RHKR volunteers' memoirs,  by Harry Penn's son, John, expands on the circumstances as to how he and his sister got stuck for 18 months in Canada with his mother, (also the Flemings and the Youngs.) It chimes with George Gerrard's 1943 diary account of them going to Toronto from Victoria, as told to him in a letter from Bob Young.

"John Penn continues that we were on leave in the UK in 1939, and upon the outbreak of war in Europe, AHP returned to HK. We (my mother, my sister, Patricia, and I) followed in 1940, proceeding trans-Atlantic because of the war. We got as far as Vancouver when the evacuation of HK commenced and, as a result, we were stuck in Canada. After 18 months in Victoria, we moved across to Toronto and the first news that we had of our father was when HKDF member, Benny Prouxl, escaped from camp and reached Canada in 1943. We returned to the UK by convoy in January 1944, and AHP got back to the UK in December 1945, having stayed on to get the office up and running again."

The above account is published by the Royal Hong Kong (Volunteers) Regiment

Freedom of the City of London application 

His name is spelled as Arthur Harry Aeroux Penn in his application dated 10 May 1915. In the application his   birthplace as  is shown as  31 Wheathill  Road Penge Surrey.  It mentions his service as 2nd Lieutenant Royal Berkshire Regiment 

University of London Roll of War Service

Arthur Harry Aeroux Penn Royal Berkshire Regiment 1914 - 1918

World War II Allied Prisoners of War

Arthur Harry A Penn Rank Captain Date of Capture 25 December 1941. Date of Release 2 September 1945

Death Public Ancestry Tree

19 Apr 1972 Surrey, 

Death Notice The Times

Irene McPherson Penn nee Fisher spouse of Harry Penn died 6 January 1982

Irene McPherson Fisher born 27 November 1899 Clapham  Baptised 24 December 1899 St James Clapham Died 3 January 1982 Surrey. Her father was Superintendent of Dr Barnardo's Orphan Home, 49 High Street, Clapham S W. (1911 Census UK)