Broadwood Terrace [1915-????]

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Broadwood Terrace, where my grandmother, Hannah Warren was living in 1926,  appears in the above position on a 1924 map of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon held by the British Library. Moddsey mentioned that it doesn't appear as an address in the Jurors Lists after 1928, so I wonder if the terrace was renamed.


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It seems that the 19 Broadwood Terrace address for my grandmother, Hannah Warren was a mistake in the newspaper report. For the record, I hope that the following images help to pinpoint the location of Broadwood Terrace for others.

Broadwood Terrace (1)
Broadwood Terrace (1), by jill


broadwood_terrace_2.jpg, by jill

I believe the red outline on the 1922 map below shows the IL 2039 mentioned above. The '11 European houses' are in two groups, with three on Broadwood Road (marked in green), and eight in a row along Wong Nai Chung Road (marked in blue) that were very likely the houses known as Broadwood Terrace.

1922 IL 2039 with Broadwood Terrace
1922 IL 2039 with Broadwood Terrace, by Admin

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I have a vague impression that one of these houses survived after the war and was still there in the 1970's,  occupied.  That would be the one on far left, parallel to Ventris Road, light green highlighted above.  As far as I could recall, the design was western and the external wall was sort of concrete grey, with a very heavy front door.  It has a metal gate with a small garden facing Broadwood Road.


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Unfortunately no.  You see, I am not that old. 

The current buildings on site (The Race Course Mansion and the Race Tower) are what I know of since the early 1970s.  There used to be a tuck shop which I frequented for pre-packaged snacks and soft drinks back then.


ps.  Looked up HKMS 2.0 and got this 1969 photo.  Not very clear but surely showed what's left of it and the building I rememeber is the sole surviver.  

broadwood terrace 1969
broadwood terrace 1969, by tngan

A view of Broadwood Terrace and the three buildings on Broadwood Road in 1924:

Broadwood Terrace
Broadwood Terrace, by Admin

Under item 131 of the captioned report, mention is made of the provision of scavenging lanes by the owners of I.L. 2039 which comprised 1-8 Broadwood Terrace and 1-3 Broadwood Road.

This confirms the red outline provided by David with reference to the 1922 map. Nos 1-8 Broadwood Terrace fronted Wong Nai Chung Road.


The 1938 Street Index for Wongneichong (today's Wong Nai Chung) Road indicates the eight terraced houses overlooking the racecourse comprised 1-8 Broadwood Terrace. At the time, the address given for Broadwood Terrace was 81-95 Wongneichong Road.

As annotated by David, 1-3 Broadwood Road would be the area shaded in green up the slope above Broadwood Terrace.

This news report on june 27 1929 says 5 Broadwood terrace is the same as 87 Wongnaichong rd. It was about its sale for $30,200. It says the term dated from Sept 1913 and there were still 75 years before expiration.

1929-6-27 broadwood terrace
1929-6-27 broadwood terrace, by simtang