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I'm researching my dads national service time spent in Hong Kong. His name was Ken Taylor.

According to his army records which I have just received (May 2022) he arrived in Hong Kong on the "Empire Ken" on 13 Sept 1949. He was with the 40th Infantry Signals Regiment with a rank of Private and was classed as a Cook BIII.

I have one photo of his which appears to be a field Kitchen with two people on it neither of which I think is him. The picture reminds me of the Wartime Stoves pictures on this website, as it seems well built with a proper corrugated style roof, though of course they are almost certainly elsewhere. The picture is very indistinct and I've had to enhance it a lot to get any detail at all. 

He departed Honk Kong on 10 June 1950 luckily just missing the start of the Korean war apparently.

I'm going to go to the National Archive sometime when I've got my readers ticket to research more but wondered if anyone knows anything about the regiments movements.