Mon, 05/30/2022 - 00:35

Just wondered if the location of this picture is known. It maybe somewhere like the "Wartime Stoves" on this website, other photos here.

My dad Ken Taylor was in Hong Kong from 13 Sep 1949 - 10 Jun 1950 with the 40th Infantry Signals regiment he was a Cook BIII. He arrived on the "Empire Ken" from Southampton. I know nothing about what he did there (apart from maybe cook).

The picture, which I've had to enhance a lot, shows some thing like a frying pan / wok on a worksurface.

The roof appears to be corrugated something, on timber / concrete posts, so not a rapidly built structure.

There looks to be something made of brick (perhaps mortar joints?) on the right of the photo behind the person looking at the camera.

On the left in the background there appears to be a short chimney / flue, and just behind the chap in white a larger chimney / flue.

In the far background is a hill.

A lot to ask but does anybody recognise the place or have any idea where he might have visited. I've only just obtained his military records and so may find out more myself in due course.




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