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Wuhu Street children's playground [????- ]

Current condition: 
In use

wuhu children playground which still exists today was used mainly as a playground for students in neighboring schools in the bigginning. Sometimes they were also used for Cantonese opera performances in the past. More recently it was remodelled as a soccer field. Now it is a basketball court.


Photos that show this place


The basketball court currently occupying the Wuhu playground used to be a large area of land. It was a standard small football field with goals. Later, due to the construction of Ping Chi Street (in the late 1960s), the area of the field was reduced. On the occasion of the birthdays of gods, a large stage was built to hold Cantonese opera performances. Famous stars performed, such as Xinma Shizeng (新馬師曾), Fang Yanfen (芳艷芬), Liang Cibo (靚次伯), Liang Xingbo(粱醒波), Phoenix Girl (鳳凰女) and so on. There is also an all-night troupe performance to greet the neighbors for free, and the performers are the apprentices of the big stars.


The playground during the "ghost festival" in the 1970s. Probably a Cantonese opera stage was erected there to celebrate the occasion. The traffic light is on Chatham road. The street around the corner is wuhu street. The date of the photo should be before 1976 because the pedestrian bridge is absent in the photo.


wuhu_street_playground_1970s.jpg, by simtang



The bridge was built around 1976 as reported in the news. It was planned to open in 1978.


1976-12-18_wuhu-chatham_bridge.png, by simtang


Following air view of that junction in 1975 before the bridge was built


1975_wuhu_st_air_view.png, by simtang


1981 air view the bridge is visible in the black circle

1981_wuhu_st_air_view.png, by simtang