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New on Gwulo: 2021, week 40

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  • Typhoon Wendy, 1957
  • Signal hill and the meridian marks - an update on the discoveries made: ... the entire history of the built structures needed to operate it has now been uncovered and, out of the nine elements created to operate the Hong Kong Time Service between c.1883 and 1928, what remains of eight of them have been identified ...
  • A short story about Ah Mooi and her baby carrier
  • Does anyone know what "CCDO" stood for in 1940, or recognise any of the people in this photo?
    CCDO Staff Hong Kong 1940 - IMG_20211006_0001.jpg
    CCDO Staff Hong Kong 1940, by Andrew Suddaby









Carol Bateman-HK Telegraph-27-09-1941
Carol Bateman-HK Telegraph-27-09-1941, by IDJ


1960s Saigon Street
1960s Saigon Street, by eternal1966e


Ying King Theatre c.1960
Ying King Theatre c.1960, by OldTimer


Government Publications Centre     -   June 1971
Government Publications Centre - June 1971, by Ladycliff


1973 Clean Hong Kong Campaign
1973 Clean Hong Kong Campaign, by Grant Gouldon


56 Fld Sqn camp at Tai Lam
56 Fld Sqn camp at Tai Lam, by Spr Bill Purcell


South-west of Park Hotel (1980)
South-west of Park Hotel (1980), by Klaus


1954 Nathan Road
1954 Nathan Road, by eternal66a


Readers have used the posters on the wall in the background to date this photo to around August 1927:

Sedan chair
Sedan chair, by Admin


1969 Kimberley Street
1969 Kimberley Street, by Eternal1966


1958 Aberdeen Harbour
1958 Aberdeen Harbour, by Eternal1966


Cleaning Ears
Cleaning Ears in Peking, by Klaus


1978 Construction of New World Centre
1978 Construction of New World Centre, by Eternal1966


1920s Signal Hill
1920s Signal Hill, by Eternal1966


1970s Kai Tak Airport
1970s Kai Tak Airport, by Oliver_G11


Old building, Jordan 佐敦
Old building, Jordan 佐敦, by Joybot


Old buildings, Jordan 佐敦
Old buildings, Jordan 佐敦, by Joybot


Jordan 佐敦, Kowloon 九龍
Jordan 佐敦, Kowloon 九龍, by Joybot


Hennessy road, Wan Chai in 1955
Hennessy road, Wan Chai in 1955, by Eternal1966


Any thoughts on whether these last photos were taken in Hong Kong, and if so, where?

EPSON083.JPG, by 2ik7ns-AW_


EPSON084.JPG, by 2ik7ns-AW_


HK2 Three on an Artillery Gunb.JPG
Three on an Artillery Gun, by 2ik7ns-AW_


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