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1957 Typhoon Wendy

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Wednesday, July 17, 1957
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Typhoon Wendy. I was in the colony from early 1956 and was a Sapper in 56 Field Squadron Royal Engineers based at Gordon Camp up near Castle. Peak when Typhoon Wendy struck the colony. 56 was part of 24 Field Engineer Regiment Royal Engineer. and two other squadrons made up the regiment, 54 Field Squadron, and 15 Field Park Squadron. We were very quickly called out throughout the colony to help with rescuing 800+ people from the territories and also to provide food and clothing and some shelter. As you probably know the roads leading up into the territories were not the best with greater parts running around mountains to one side and a great drop to the sea on the other side. This brought us into our element as an engineer unit being called on a number of occasions to put Bailey Bridges over road slips and altering the layouts that were needed for the roads to be in stable condition.