3, Jordan Road aka "Fung's Mansion" [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

Photos that show this Place


Just by chance, I stumbled over these two photos. No dates are given, for the right photo I guessed 1990.

Houses_once_at_3_and_5_Jordan_Road, by keroseneian2013

The person who posted these two photos refers:

Right photo - the pre-war tenement house once at 3 Jordan Road, which in the past often seen as an eye-catching classic building standing close to the DGS. It is different from typical Chinese tenement buildings in that there were no square-section granite pillars erected along the edge of the road curb, and there were no balconies built above the pavement. Ground floor of the house was never converted to commercial shops until demolition in 2001, and there was a water well inside the courtyard but had become derelict for years as tap water was then readily available

Left photo - a house of similar design and probably built in the same period once stood on lot adjoining the abovementioned house at 3 Jordan Road; their façades were almost identical except that the semi-detached house at 3 Jordan Road was bigger. The old house on 5 Jordan Road was however demolished long ago (c1990) and has become Ultragrace Commercial Building since 1992; it was often passed unnoticed by younger photographers interested in taking records on old buildings

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