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Vera REED (née DE CARVALHO) [????-????]

de Carvalho

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I have not been able to obtain any pertinent information on Vera (de Carvalho) Reed other than her marriage to Francis Reed in October, 1941. I believe she was originally from Shanghai and that she did remarry.  I would certainly be interested in knowing more about her life after Francis should any information surface.

Carl Smith Card 135699 24 October 1945 Engagement  Vera Caravalho Reed daughter of Mr D E de Carvalho and the late Mrs Maria Botelho de Carvalho to Reginald John Reed formerly a prisoner at Shamashuipo Camp and formerly connected with Deacons solicitors.

Thank you for the information on Vera's parents.  Vera married Francis Oswald Reed in October 1941.  Francis was killed in December of that year while fighting in the war. If she was indeed engaged to Francis' younger brother Reginard John Reed it would have been a short engagement as Reggie was a prisoner of war for over three years.  He departed for London in 1946 to participate in the Great Victory Parade. Reggie met and married his first wife Rita in London where he was working.  He married his second wife Gladys in 1957 after he moved to Rhyl, Wales. 

Carl Smith usually cites from newspaper reports. The engagement announcement between Vera de Carvalho and Reginald Reed seems to be attributed to "The Rebirth". Was this a Catholic newspaper? Has anyone heard of it?