GARWAY VILLAS | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong


Can anybody remember Garway villas.It was on the castle peak road at 11 and half milestone.We lived there int he 60s and 70s.Possibly near the Lido beach as is known now but it didnt have a name then.Any information greatly appreciated.



We lived at Garway Villas from late 59 until late 63 (dates are approximate, somewhere I have a photo of it... I have been searching for it for a while, but not found. I know we used to call the beach, 11 1/2 mile beach I will try to a) find the picture and b) figure out how to post it!


Hi many thanks,i have some photos somewhere and i think the beach is now the lido beach and has a highway running above it.

Here's a map of the area in the 1950s, with the 12 and 11 milestones marked, in case it can help. The beach mid-way between those two milestones is called Lido Beach on modern maps.