Green Jade - Tsing Bik Villa (青碧別墅) [????-1986] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Green Jade - Tsing Bik Villa (青碧別墅) [????-1986]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place demolished: 
c.1986-10-01 (Day is approximate)

Photos that show this place


I believe this was Green Jade (Chinese name: 青碧 -- Tsing Bik), the villa of the late Dr. LI Shu-fan, member of the Legislative Council and long-time head of the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital.  In his autobiography Hong Kong Surgeon (and I am quoting from the 2019 Chinese edition), he mentioned that he spent twenty years building and perfecting the villa.  It was built in an Eastern palatial style, facing Castle Peak on a 3.5 acres of land atop a 100-foot hill.  The villa was surrounded by the sea on three sides, and the distinguishing features include a man-made cave with Italian marble as floor, artificial stalactites, statues and a fountain inside.

In another comment, I mentioned Dr. Li's residence White Jade on Hong Kong Island, and wondered where his villa Green Jade was.  Now I think I have the answer.  The photographs of its demolition are a surely a sorry sight.

I've changed the title to match the new findings. Does anyone have an idea of the build year? 

Hi philk,

Thank you for updating the title of this page.  I am not sure about the build year.  From the maps on, there was no building on the map "1952.1" (1:20000), but there was a building on the map "1957" (1:25000).

Thanks to IDJ for uploading two photos of the description of Green Jade in Dr. Li's memoirs.