Hau Fook Street (Formerly Named Salisbury Avenue) [1900- ]

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Named after: 3rd Marquess of Salisbury who served as British Prime Minister in the late 19th and early 20th centuries


  • 1900 (circa): Street first laid out.
  • 1902: Address on Sallisbury Avenue first appears on Juror List. See here
  • 1978: Street renamed Hau Fook Street to avoid confusion with Salisbury Road. See here


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My mother's family lived on Salisbury Avenue in the late 1920s. She recalled the street was composed of nice two storey row houses with a front yard where they kept a private rickshaw.  There were Indian soliders in the barracks in the immediate neighbourhood.  I recently learnt that there was a Punjabi Mess at Cameron Rd which became the Park Hotel. Family later moved to Lock Rd and still later Chi Wo St.