New on Gwulo: 2022, week 3

Submitted by David on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 17:00

A look at the latest additions to Gwulo...



Places on Hong Kong Island






Amusement Park opening
Amusement Park opening, by IDJ


Waterloo Road Hill proposed developments
Waterloo Road Hill proposed developments, by IDJ


Lion Rock 1910's 1.jpg
Lion Rock 1910's 1.jpg, by danielwettling


Hennessy Road 1933
Hennessy Road 1933, by Herostratus


Hong Kong Waterfront  1868.jpg
Hong Kong Waterfront 1868.jpg, by danielwettling


RAF Sek Kong brass paperweight, by ahlam


City Hall 1920's with Parking.jpg
City Hall 1920's with Parking.jpg, by danielwettling


Alice Memorial Hospital 1987.png
Alice Memorial Hospital 1987.png, by simtang


Hong Kong Harbour and Kowloon City from the roof of Cable and Wireless
Office, Electra House, Hong Kong - August 1952, by Cable & Wireless


Hong Kong from the Harbour.jpg
Hong Kong from the Harbour.jpg, by angie-r


Kiki Rasmussen and Swedish Rhapsody Performance.jpg
Kiki Rasmussen and Swedish Rhapsody Performance.jpg, by angie-r


Is this Hong Kong / What is the image of?
Is this Hong Kong / What is the image of?, by CarrickRab


Wedding Procession - Hong Kong or Shanghai?  img_0825.jpg
Wedding Procession - Hong Kong or Shanghai? img_0825.jpg, by CarrickRab


Procession img_0857.jpg
Procession img_0857.jpg, by CarrickRab


Wedding Band/Musicians   img_0827.jpg
Wedding Band/Musicians img_0827.jpg, by CarrickRab


Procession img_0859.jpg
Procession img_0859.jpg, by CarrickRab


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The new feature for the creation of places using older maps is what I was missing for a long time. So I'm happy that it will be available soon. Thank you, David.