Kiki Rasmussen and Swedish Rhapsody Performance.jpg

Mon, 01/17/2022 - 00:03

The dance to the music of the Swedish Rhapsody was performed by pupils of Carol Bateman and presented at the Lee Theatre in Causeway Bay sometime in the mid-fifties. We also performed a ballet to the music of Rustle of Spring where we were dressed as leaves. This photo was taken at the Helena May Institute prior to the stage performance.

Kiki Rasmussen is seated in the center of the photo.  Standing directly behind her is Jean Wong who later opened her own ballet school.  I believe the male dancer next to her is called Stephen.  Pearl Chan, another pupil who went on to teach ballet, is shown kneeling at the far right of the photo, dressed as one of the "boys" in the dance.  I am at the far left of the photo, kneeling behind the couple seated, and also attired as a boy.  

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