DBS Sports Field-Stonecutters Beyond

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:44

HKG 1960s Mike's photos

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Being a graduate of DBS, first of all I think this photo is reversed. In the middle of the photo was the swimming pool, which was openned in 1969 to celebrate the school's 100th anniversary. From the small building on the left of the pool, which was the changing room, I can tell this photo is reversed. On the right edge of the photo here was the headmaster's house, which was demolished by now to give room to the primary school section.

my late dad was the sports master at DBS for some 12 years and my family lived on campus all that time.  maybe you remember him raymond, he was known as 'seed lo' ?  anyway he organised and oversaw a marathon 24 hour sponsored fund raiser swim to coincide with the 100yr celebrations.  DBS also had a massive red neon sign on the top of the old building which was visible from the peak for that whole school year "DBS 100".  the pool was donated by an anonymous old boy and actually opened in the school year 68/9 prior to the festivities.  i will try and locate a slide of the last swimmer completing the marathon swimalong, just dont know where it is!

Hi 'Seed lui', good to see your reply. Of course I remember your dad Brian, who taught us swimming. But sorry to know he passed away. Talking about the marathon, I also recall Russell, Etienne and Jonathan who swam unstopped. They were all in my class, and in fact I met them in December when I visited HK. Those days in DBS were unforgettable. My best regards to you.

Hello Vanessa, I very much remember Mr Seed - he taught me English and Biology at various times. He was my form master for Form 3C, Unfortunately I do not have a clear mental image of you but I remember his son/your brother (Gary ?) who stood out with his very blond hair. I remember the 24 hour marathon swim which was the talk of the school for a while (were the proceeds for the HK Community Chest Fund?). I look back with fond memories of those days with Mr Seed, Mrs Bromfield, Mr Farrington (to name but a few) and, of course, our headmaster Mr Lowcock who all seem to have passed on from what I gather. Kind Regards, Michael P.

Hi Mike,

thanks for mentioning those teachers' names, which brought me back fond memories. Mr. Farrington (Fat Wonton) rested years ago in Toronto. He was once my Form Master too. Just days ago I tried to write down the names of all teachers I remember and there were over 30 in total!

Ray (class of 74)  

Just a thought, (or query), but is Brian Seed the same gentleman who used to own an antique shop in Stanley in the 1980's? The shop to which I refer has long gone, but was located close to the Tin Hau Temple near to what is now Stanley Plaza

Vanessa,  I just found this site today. Not sure if you remember me (I played Junior & Senior cricket and your Dad was my coach). Sorry to hear about your Dad, I know it has been awhile. Hope you are doing well, staying safe.  How is your brother Gary doing? Take care.  Fernando Prata