Chan Tuck & Co. [????-????]

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Tailor company.

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Submitted by m.peaker on Mon, 2022-01-17 23:29.

Chan Tuck was in operation during the 1960s but I was not aware they did military uniforms as well as civilian dress. I had a dinner jacket made by them (their quality was renowned) circa 1967. Eventually it became too small (cannot think why) and I had to replace it in the 1990s. A lot of expat HKU staff used Chan Tuck.

First suit!

Submitted by PaulSpeak on Mon, 2022-01-24 00:09.

My very first suit came from Chan Tuck! I was about 14 or 15 (1968/9) and my father was to be invested at Government House with the OBE for services to education overseas, so I was duly presented to the tailor (upstairs if memory serves) who measured me and I collected the suit a week or so later (after a fitting session during the interim).  They were still in operation several years later in the early 70s because I had several shirts and pairs of trousers made there.  I think there was also a record/music shop next door, possibly Moutries?

I still have a Chan Tuck coat hanger, it is beautifully made of wood and jackets hang on it without losing their shape as they do with the throw away plastic ones these days.

A a friend of mine had an electric blue suit made in 1958 and was teased mercilessly about his "zoot suit"

I arrived in Hong Kong by air in late April 1967. Humid!

My first morning I was taken to Chan Tuck to order a light weight suit with two pairs of trousers. Chan Tuck were at that time housed on the ground floor of Alexandra House, long demolished, on the Des Voeux Road side. And I returned to them for quite some years for new suits, trousers and a dinner jacket. My measurements were taken by a male tailor but to this day I recall the lady in charge, who each time I paid a repeat visit was visibly pregnant. She must have had a large number of children. 

I recall too that the Alex House outlet had a very distict smell. There were large quantities of piece goods on the premises. To prevent mosquitos and similar I attributed the fustiness to the anti-insect treatment then in use.