Hong Kong from the Harbour.jpg

Mon, 01/17/2022 - 08:18

This undated postcard was sent by my mother's father addressed to a relative at Young Allen Court in Shanghai. It somehow ended up in one of my mother's photo albums.  It has a 2-cent stamp partly covered by the postmark so I can only make out the letters Hon(g) and what looks like the number 4 beneath. The postcard has the words "Hongkong from the Harbour" at the bottom of the picture. I saw a similar photo on the website for old harbour photos that included the general post office building and the P&O building.  This picture was taken to the right of those buildings that were not shown in the postcard. I believe the photo was taken in the 1930's.

Date picture taken


On the left side one can see Central Fire Station which opened in 1926. So it's definitely later than that. In 1933, the vehicular ferry started it's service. Its pier was in front of the Central Fire Station - I think it's not there. There is a ferry at at pier opposite Queen Victoria Street, this was Queen Victoria Street Pier [1922-c.1933]. So my proposal is "approximately 1930".

Thanks, Klaus, for putting a more accurate date on the photo.  I wonder if you know what kind of vessel that was towards the center of the photo.  It seems longer in length and different than the usual boats seen around the harbour in those days.