Charles John Francis LESBIREL [c.1850-1914]

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Charles John Francis
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Charles Lesbirel was proprietor of the British Crown Tavern in 1880 and Assistant at the Liverpool Arms in 1881. Carl Smith gives him as Assistant at the National Hotel in 1882-83 after John Olson snr had retired and after the death of his brother Olof Olson, who had initially taken over as manager. The younger generation of Olsons seem to have remained friends with the Lesbirels and are named among those who gave gifts at the wedding of Annie Lucile Lesbirel in 1912. The daughters of the late tavern owner, CFW Petersen attended the same wedding. The tavern-owning fraternity seems to have been a close community.

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Grave Stone: In loving memory of Charles John Francis Lesbirel who departed this life 14 Sept 1914 age 64 years Father in thy gracious keeping Leave me now our loved one sleeping also his wife Ann, our dearly beloved Mother who fell asleep on 13 February 1918 aged 45 years Not our will but Thine “O” Lord. Born Trinity Jersey Channel Islands

Alice Lesbirel 1887 - 1975, Annie Lucile Lesbirel 1889 - , Charles George Gerard Lesbirel 1911 - 1911, Mabel Lesbirel (Ancestry)

Charles Lesbirel possibly married twice. Carl Smith card 00119031GIF records the death of Maria Maxima Lesbirel - RC Cathedral - 19 April 1883. 33 years. I have seen her referred to elsewhere as Marie. I think she was the mother of Celestina Summers.

Carl Smith card 00119041GIF records the LMS baptism of Ann, wife of Chas. Lesbirel bapt. 16.5.1886 aged 18. No. 23 St Francis St. 

Will of Charles Lesbirel leaves all to wife Ann.

1851 Census Trinity Jersey Channel Islands

John D Lesbirel 46 Farmer of 10 acres

Nancy Lesbirel 41

Ann Lesbirel 19

Esther Lesbirel 17

Elias Lesbirel 13

Francis Lesbirel 11

Peter Lesbirel 6

Alfred Lesbirel 4

Charles Lesbirel 8 months

1861 Census Trinity Jersey Channel Islands

John D Lesbirel 57 Carpenter and Joiner

Nancy Lesbirel  50

Helier Lesbirel 23 Sailor

Francis Lesirel Carpenter

Peter Lesbirel Shoe maker

Alfred Lesbirel Shoe maker

Charles Lesbirel 12 scholar