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How to search old Hong Kong newspapers for a certain word or phrase

Here's how to search old newspapers in the Hong Kong Public Library collection for a certain word or phrase:


Many thanks for this step by step guide, David. I will try it out.


In case it's useful for quick clicking, here is the link for searching the newspapers, suggested by David in his recording above:


I am using the Old Hong Kong Newspapers from the HK Public Library (China Mail, HK Telegraph, HK Daily Press) for the period pre 1900.

I am aware that it has a search facility but it seems very random and inaccurate as it omits many things I search for when I know they are actually in the paper. (for example, references to cricket, to key players like E M Blair).

Can anyone advise me as to how I can make it actually find names, things, events etc that do exist in the paper?

Or is it just a very blunt tool?



Last month I was able to access the South China Morning Post Archives (through Proquest) online from my home. .This was facilitated by HK Public Libraries if you hold a Library Card.  Today I spent a couple of hours trying to log in to do this , but it was impossible. The SCMP archive has been removed for remote access.  There is no explanation from The HK Library website why they have discontinued this service. Very disappointing.  May I suggest that if you found this facility useful please write to the HK Public Libraries suggestion address, expressing your disappointment.    The contact addresses are:

You can forward your enquiries, comments, suggestions or complaints by:

Hear, hear! I have felt too embarrassed to admit that I have never been able to make David's verbal instructions work for me. David - any chance that you could write those instructions down so that I can print them out and see where I am going wrong? Having recently been allowed a trial of the Proquest SCMP "Search" equivalent which worked like a dream, I would love to be able to achieve the same success with the mmis site for old newspapers. The only thing that works for me is putting in the exact date for a newspaper. Help, please! All suggestions welcome ....