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Muslim cemetery, Kowloon [????- ]

You can see this on the 1949 map, marked 'Mohammedan cemetery'. It must have been cleared since then though, as now it is the site of several buildings.

Booth found the skeleton of a snake there, and notes the unusual shape of the graves. He was given the following explanation by one of the staff at the Fourseas Hotel:

"The graves are those of people of Islam. They did not worship God or Buddha, but Allah. Many of them were Indian soldiers in the British Army a long time ago when the soldiers camped on the hills of Kowloon. Some were merchants. It is a very unlucky place,' he continued. "You see how the squatters do not build near there? There are many restless ghosts".


I wasn't expecting to see any photos of this, so thanks for posting them.

Regards, David