Chinese permanent cemetery, Aberdeen [c.1916- ]

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The public tender document seeking quotes "...for the laying out of the New Cemetery on Aberdeen Inland Lot No.78, the erection of certain buildings thereon, and the construction of a road, pier, etc." was dated 5th June 1914. Work must have proceeded quickly as, according to Para.42 of the 1915 Public Works Report;

"Work in connection with the laying out of the first section of the new Chinese Cemetery at Aberdeen (AIL No 78) for permanent interments was completed...In addition to this, the construction of a pier for use in connection with the Cemetery was undertaken...The pier is 115 feet long, the main portion being constructed of rubble, faced with square stone, set in cement mortar. A timber T-head, with landing steps, is provided to enable launches to come alongside."

Para.42 of the 1916 PWD Report mentions that additional terraces were added and the pier was completed during the year. I can't find any mention of further works in the 1917 PWD Report. 

From the above, construction of the earliest part of the cemetery can be dated from late 1914 into 1916.