Helena May Institute [1916- ]

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AnneliseC notes it opened on 12 Sep 1916.

The appearance has changed several times since then, as the building has been extended. You can follow the changes in this animation.

As you can see the building is still there and fully utilised

Photos that show this Place


The Council of The Helena May is searching for images/photos/pictures or reminiscences of The Helena May - formerly The Helena May Institute. Please post here if you have any material - all contributions will be appreciated and acknowledged.

I was lucky enough to live at the Helena May in 1978 and 1979. I remember you had to wait for a doorman to let you in the front door after a certain time in the evening - it was sometimes a very long wait!. I wonder if that still happens.

In August 1979 Typhoon Hope did some very serious damage to Hong Kong and to the Helena May.  Water came pouring through the roof of the main building and all of us were (dangerously) up on the top balcony trying to stop the whole building flooding.  It was in the evening and the staff had gone home.  I think we had some success and were rewarded with free evening meals the next day, but there was certainly a lot of water damage.  Unfortunately I don't have any photos.