Places tagged: wanchai

Name Completed Closed / Demolished
#109-111 Lockhart Road
#110 Johnston Road, Shop House Candidate
#18 Ship Street, Wanchai
#235 Hennessy Road
#286 Lockhart Road, Wanchai
#75 Wanchai Road
#91 Wanchai Road, Chun On Pawn Shop
12-14 Wood Road, Wanchai
Around #114 Johnston Road, surviving Pillar & wall of a former Shop House
ARP Portal 068 atop Wanchai Road, and under Ruttonjee Hospital, Wanchai
Back of the Green Block, Burrows Street, Wanchai
Baitul Fakir
British Bicycle Co.
Century Hong Kong Hotel, surviving pillar and wall of a former Shop House
China Hong Kong Tower
Chitose Hotel / Tung Chi College, 15A Kennedy Road
Chung Wui Mansion
Copy cat shop house at 6 Stewart Road, Wanchai
Corner of Amoy Street & Queen's Road East
Dominion Centre
Fenwick Pier
Fenwick Shipyard
First Wanchai Police Station
Former Wanchai Ferry Pier
Fung Leung Kee Watches, Johnston Road, Wanchai
Hung Shing Temple, Wanchai
Kaza, 1-3 Sik On Street, (IL-7612 & IL-7331)
Man Shing Mansion, Lockhart Road near Tonnochy Road. Surviving pillar and wall of a former Shop House
Miu Keng Terrace 妙鏡台, #53 Ship Street, 1-5 Schooner Street (IL 2093 RP & IL 2093 S.A RP)
Nam Koo Terrace 南固台 #55 Ship Street (IL 2140)
National Theatre at Marsh & Lockhart
Ocean Bar
Oriental Sugar Refinery
Power Station of HK Tramways
Sharp Street tram depot
Tai Wong Street East, Wanchai, surviving wall of former shop house
Tang King Po Villa / Hong Kong Tang King Po College
The Blue Block, #74 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai
The Green Block, Mallory Street, Wanchai
The Yellow Block, #2-8 Hing Wan Street, Wanchai
Tsung Tsin Association Building
Tung Tak Pawn Shop, at Marsh & Hennessy
TWGHs Primary School
Wanchai Ferry Pier (2nd generation)
Wanchai Market (1st Generation)
Wanchai Police Station, Gloucester Road
Woo Cheong Tea House (was "The Pawn"), Johnston Road, Wanchai