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Tung Tak Pawn Shop, at Marsh & Hennessy [????- ]

Photos that show this place


For those wondering what it looks like, here is a snap:

As you can see it is still in impressive condition. It occupies a corner plot and thus has a curved wall. One of the better examples.

... here. From a time when every building was a shop house!

Tung Tak Pawn Shop is being demolished.  It is such a shame because the building is one of the last remaining tong laus on Wan Chai's main roads.

Also see:  http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/1843855/de...

I heard this was happening - what a travesty! I only know of three other corner columned shophouses in the whole territory. This is the very last example I know of on HK-side. Does anyone know if there are any more like this on the Island? :-(

Hi Phil, There is still one corning shpo house standing on the Island, but not like this with a curvy structure. The Pawn at Wanchai could be said located on a street corner. The other shop house located in Queen Road East opposite Hopewell Centre is also at street corners, But like I said, they are not like this. I only recall one such similar structure in Kwai Lam Street in SSP and the other one in Fat Tseung Street and Castle Peak Road in Cheung Sha Wan now. Thanks & Best Regards, T

Hi Thomas - yes, I mean the ones with the curved facades. The two you mention are possibly the ones I recall in Cheung Sha Wan and Sham Shui Po, but not forgetting Lui Seng Chun as well which has been taken over by the Baptist U and had a great makeover.

So I guess there are only 3 left in the whole territory - very sad and I'm surprised the Govt hasn't done anything (actually...I'm not surprised!).



Hi Phil and Thomas, I wonder if you know of any good online database or photo repository of shophouses in Hong Kong. There must be one on the internet, right?

C - no, there isn't one which is why we created one here on gwulo: http://gwulo.com/comment/8764#comment-8764

I'm not sure if it captures all of them but I would say it is the most comprehensive list I know of. Please feel free to add any that have been missed out.

Thanks Phil!  Sorry, I did not realise there is one right on this web site. Great work by Thomas, you and David!