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Fenwick Pier [????- ]

Before 1997, this pier is primarily being used by visiting foreign service men.  I remember the Mac Yuck there is the only one serving Beer in town.  I would have to go and check this out and see if the pier had already be reclaimed later.

Photos that show this place


Greetings, and Hi tngan.  Minor suggestion, the 1957 Northshore map shows Fenwick Pier at the northern end of Fenwick Street and on the north side of Gloucester Road.

Fenwick Pier Street and the Arcade are late-comers so I think these could have been the cause of the confusion.  Regards,  Peter

Hi T and Peter,

Fenwick Pier vanished as the next phase of Wanchai reclamation started in the early 1970's. A new one was built after reclamation (see here), and this was demolished during the next phase of reclamation.

Regards, Klaus

Greetings and thanks Klaus for the update.  Regards,  Peter

Doing some research on this pier, I think it started being operational in about 1970. It didn't last very long in the original layout (as seen in the 1976 photo) because the coastline was straigthened (reclaiming the "bay" towards the tidal basin in 1977-1981). The pier then moved from north-west to the north, but still using the infrastructure built there. In the 1976 photo, it looks that there is no pier standing in the water but that there is a pontoon only. This was moved later to the north shore of the pier. 

End of operation was end of 2014 when the latest phase of reclamation cut off the access to open waters.

Fleet Arcade 2014
Fleet Arcade 2014, by Klaus

The changes can be seen on the following maps:

Maps Fenwick Pier 1980_2014
Maps Fenwick Pier 1980_2014, by Klaus