Fenwick Shipyard [1880-1905]

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Shipbuilding in Wanchai started in the mid-1840s already. On Marine Lot No. 31 and the adjoining Marine Lot No. 36 the Victoria Foundry was built in 1857.

victoria foundry advert 1876
victoria foundry advert 1876, by Klaus

The shipyard was taken over by  George Fenwick in 1880.

In David’s post “Wanchai's seafront in 1902” it is reported about Fenwick’s business on Marine Lots No. 31 and No. 36:

"[...] there had been a creek running through the lot from which ships were launched. Then the government closed the creek and the drawbridge at the Praya. This forced the company to stop building larger vessels, though small launches were still built and carted across the Praya to the sea".

The small basin and the bridge can be seen on the 1888 map

Fenwick Shipyard's boat pool
Fenwick Shipyard's boat pool , by Klaus

The bridge is visible on the 1880s photo.

Fenwick Shipyard 1880s
Fenwick Shipyard 1880s, by Klaus

After closure of the bridge, a crane (see 1890s photo) was built at or near the shipyard, possibly to lift launches from the pool to the sea.

The construction of the tram in 1904 forced the company to move in 1905.

More information here : Geo. Fenwick and CO. [1880-c.1911]

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