The Blue Block, #74 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai [1922- ]

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The Housing Society says that the Blue House was built in the 1920s, and:

[...] has high historic value as it was the original site of the first hospital 'Wah To Hospital' built in the 1870's in Wan Chai. In terms of architectural design, the balcony-type tenement block Blue House and 2-8 Hing Wan Street for its European Art Deco style have their own characteristics. They are both the few remaining buildings of the same kind in Wan Chai.

I walked by this building in '97 with a friend and we casually peeked inside through the front door. Someone opened the door and invited us inside. It was very dark with a lot of rustic wooden furniture. Very interesting how it hadn't changed much inside.

hi jeroen & david - thanks for the video! my father lived in the blue house as a child (he was born in 1936)

i'm going to show him the video now. bet it'll put a smile on his face!

the only story i remember was that he would sleep on the balcony or the roof during the summer to escape a little from the heat. maybe the video will bring back more stories...

: )