Wanchai Ferry Pier (2nd generation) [1968-2014]

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Photos that show this Place


Wikipedia states that this pier (second generation) operated from 1968-2014. Last service was on 29 August 2014. It was demolished soon afterwards with the next Wanchai reclamation. The new pier is further east - see Starferry anouncement.

Here some photos from the wiki:


1968-1988 Hunghom line and Jordan line

1988-2011 Hunghom line and TST line (Jordan line discontinued) (1999 star ferry took over the Hunghom line)


2011-2014 TST line only (Hunghom line discontinued)


Entrance. One can see the signs on the left "star ferry to TST". On the right "to Hunghom" (HYF)

wanchai pier entrance 1988-2011
wanchai pier entrance 1988-2011, by simtang


Entrance again TST line. The stairs on the left are for exit.

wanchai entrance for TST line
wanchai entrance for TST line, by simtang


Waiting area. Gate at the very end on the left. One makes a U turn through the gate to get on the ferry.

wanchai pier waiting area
wanchai pier waiting area, by simtang


To the ferry

gangway to and from ferry
gangway to and from ferry, by simtang

Pier from an interesting angle. One can see the neon sign "Bulova" on top of the building at south-west corner of Gloucester rd-Fleming rd junction at a distance.



1969 wanchai pier
1969 wanchai pier, by simtang

Another one looking south coming out from the pier in 1969. Both the pier and bus terminal were new.

1969 wanchai pier
1969 wanchai pier, by simtang

More in 1968

wanchai pier 1968_1
wanchai pier 1968_1, by simtang


wanchai pier 1968_2
wanchai pier 1968_2, by simtang


News reports about people complaining about the curvy road leading to the pier.

wanchai pier 1968_3
wanchai pier 1968_3, by simtang


wanchai pier 1968_4
wanchai pier 1968_4, by simtang