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Hong Pak Trail Japanese Tunnel (near Mt. Parker Road)

Main entrance directly below trail, large opening.

Hong Pak Trail Japanese Tunnel (near Mt. Parker Road) Second exit

Very small exit visible above trail

Japanese Tunnel off Hong Pak Trail

Below hillside along unmarked path connecting to Hong Pak trail.

PFL Japanese Tunnel Entrance

Mt. Cameron Japanese PB/Tunnel Entrance

Sharp drop into the tunnel housed within the PB walls.

PFL Japanese Tunnel Entrance

Silted up Japanese tunnel entrance below PB

Japanese Tunnel Pok Fu Lam Reservoir (Below PB) [c.1942- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1942-11-30 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

A single tunnel extending into hillside. Entrance is largely silted up but it opens up a bit and extends sloping up into hillside, could be more entrances around. North-West of the PB around 30 meters or so. It is along a ravine next to a pipe line running down from the edge of the covered reservoir area toward HKU buildings.

Japanese Wartime Tunnel below Braemar Hill AOP.jpg

Condition as of April 2020, we didn't venture inside.

If anybody has a map or description of the tunnel, pls come forward. 

Japanese Tunnel above Shau Kei Wan [????- ]

The "Hiking Trail HK" App (avail on Android) shows a Japanese Tunnel here.

I have passed by recently but couldn't see anything.

Can anyone verify this place or has more information?  


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