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Japanese tunnels near Blacks Link (2010-02-15 #1) [????- ]

This is a bit unusual, in that the first section into the hill is wider than usual. It soon narrows though.

The other thing that is unusual is that there's a mound of spoil from the excavation just in front of the tunnel. Typically there isn't much sign of the spoil, and I've assumed it they's moved it away so it didn't show up in aerial photos.

Perhaps this was dug by a different group, or dug very late in the occupation and was a work in progress?

Here's the view inside:

Photos that show this place



In the past 15 years, I must have walked around and explored Blacks link no less than 50 times, but I've only every found this one : http://gwulo.com/node/3112

David, would it be possible for you to post the co-ordinates of these other tunnels. 


Hi Tony,

I think you need Craig's disdain for following any marked path!! I still don't know how he spots them.

The markers aren't exact (my phone's GPS obviously isn't that hot), so directions are probably better. To the best of my memory:

  1. Walk a short distance along the path that leads away from Blacks Link (shown on map above). Climb down bank on left, then head back towards Blacks Link. Tunnel is into slope under Black Link.
  2. From that tunnel walk south so you're heading along the spur that sticks out from Blacks Link, but a short distance down from its top. Tunnel leads into slope of spur.
  3. Climb back up onto top of spur, and follow the (very clear) path that leads along its top, away from Blacks Link. Tunnel is on right side, not far below the path, towards the end of the path.
  4. Go back to Blacks Link and walk to Middle Gap. On the right at the gap there si a stone wall, and the waterway leading down. Slide down to the waterway, then head left so you're skirting hill a little way down from the Blacks Link path. Tunnel leads into slope under path.
  5. Back up to Blacks Link. Walk back towards Wong Nei Chong Gap. A short distance along there's a surfaced path up to left that takes you up on to a water tank. From there climb down slope to North, and the clearings are on your right.

And let us know if you find any more. I'm amazed how riddled the hillls are, and how many tunnels there are to be found.

Regards, David