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Japanese tunnels near Blacks Link (2010-02-15 #2) [????- ]

A couple of collapses at the front of the tunnel. They are quite common, as the start of the tunnel was dug through earth. Once they hit the rock, the tunnels are usually in good shape.

Photos that show this place


Hey David,

Went two consecutive days and managed to find all the tunnels that you have numbered for Blacks Link, except 2. I must have spent almost 2 hours in the bush between tunnel 1 and the (less accessible) tunnel 3 exit above the spur that you have described in directions here https://gwulo.com/node/8292   They are all in a similar condition since you made the Youtube videos (which dont appear in preview on the node anymore for me).  

I was wondering if you have any memories for getting to tunnel 2. Or a GPS coordinate, even though I understand it might not be very accurate.  There were couple obvious half dug 'cuttings' into the side of the spur, but couldnt find it.

Also.. I saw a very high quality 'trap camera' chained to a tree in the ravine next to tunnel 1, for capturing wildlife. Havent seen that sort of thing before.