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Everything tagged "japanese tunnel"

Japanese tunnel east of the Twins

Stumbled on what looks like a Japanese tunnel off the trail east of the Twins near Stanley yesterday.

Black's Link Japanese Tunnel Opening

View inside the small opening as the tunnel expands in size

Black's Link Japanese Tunnel Engraving

It seems to spell out ROG?

Lawrence Squeezes in

Japanese Tunnel at start of Black's Link [c.1942- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1942-11-30 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

With @Mike B and Lawrence on the very start of Blacks Link (where the main road joins the access/country park road), there is a Japanese tunnel off to the right. It goes right into the concrete slope via a small gap that has opened up through the cement somehow. The opening is small but we squeezed in. It opened up and had a number of bends and even a small set of stairs. @Lawrence noted it had a few splits towards the end and I believe we estimated the length as around >40 meters. I have a low quality video but I think we will try to map it out soon.

Japanese Tunnel off Hong Pak Trail

Below hillside along unmarked path connecting to Hong Pak trail.

Japanese Tunnel near Hong Pak Trail

On a steep hilllside along unmarked trail. Local man referred to it as the 'three splits tunnel' or something to that degree. Makes sense due to three entrances forked in usual Japanese tunnel fashion.

Hong Pak Trail Japanese Tunnel (near Mt. Parker Road)

Main entrance directly below trail, large opening.

Hong Pak Trail Japanese Tunnel (near Mt. Parker Road) Second exit

Very small exit visible above trail


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