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Japanese tunnel (Mt. Nicholson, above Wong Nai Chung valley) [????- ]

Where is it?  I was decending from the Radio station at the top of Mt. Nicholson, following a square pipe, all the way down hill, until I want to make a left turn near the location shown on the map. I was trying to break through the woods so that I could quickly get down to Wong Nai Chung road. Then I came across this tunnel opening.

Japanese Tunnel (Mt. Nicholson, above Wong Nai Chung road)

Entrance to Tunnel

Entrance to Tunnel (2)

Japanese Tunnels in the Tates Cairn -One Rise more- Fei Ngo Shan Area

Rob recently supplied me with maps of this area which showed approximate locations of 30 Japanese tunnel portals in the area mentioned above. I spent a full field day out in the area while I was back in winter and I wanted to share some of my exploits.

Accessible Tunnel Entrance

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Accessible Tunnel (view into the portal)

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Partially Collapsed tunnel

Mostly collapsed tunnel (inside view)

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Shing Mun Reservoir Japanese Tunnels (below redoubt) [c.1943- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1943-11-30 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

Up the first flight of stairs on the Maclehose trail going towards Shing Mun Redoubt. At the first flat path section there will be one or two large 'cuttings' into the earth, below the trail. Directly below about 10-15 Meters is the larger, accessible tunnel. This one had lots of bush and vines going into the portal, and had obviously had not been entered in quite a while. The tunnel is of standard width-height of the smaller ones and had a split. Both splits get much more narrow until inaccessible, but still go on. The total length of tunnel accessible is around 30-35 meters.


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