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Everything tagged "japanese tunnel"

(lower) Japanese Tunnel Devils peak interior

Narrowing interior after the portal down, doubling back in the direction of the entrance.

Bamboo Pit Viper in Japanese Tunnel Devils Peak

A friend Lawrence found at the lowest level of the main tunnel, off one of the narrow splits. ~10 meters vertical depth. It must have slipped in.

Split at bottom of Japanese Tunnel on Devils Peak

Filled with silt and trash. ~10 meters vertical depth.

Brush covered Japanese Tunnel on Devils Peak

Lawrence emerging from the tunnel furthest down the slope from the path. And this was after we had gotten rid of most of the vegetation in the way.

Japanese Tunnel Devils Peak (outside)

Full portal view

Japanese Tunnel Devils Peak

Straight drop to first level where Lawrence is standing.

Japanese Tunnel Devils peak (level 2)

Accessing the portal down to the lower level from the one where Lawrence is pictured. At the bottom of the lower level the vertical depth was estimated at ~10 meters.

Japanese Tunnel Devils Peak, descent

descent to level 1

Japanese Tunnel Devils Peak, Lowest level

Bottom level, view off into one of the side tunnels filled with silt and trash.

(Lower) Japanese Tunnel Devils Peak

Lawrence's head sticking up from the vertical portal down after the entrance portal. This was the tunnel further east, down the slope from the Devils Peak path.


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