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Japanese tunnels near Blacks Link (2010-02-15 #3) [????- ]

After the two short tunnels we saw earlier, we didn't expect much from this. But the fact there was a breeze indicated there would be at least one other exit open.

Just after the entrance there's an alcove on the right, then after a short traight the tunnel takes a sharp right. Corners were used to limit the effects of shots / explosions / flamethrowers from the entrance on people further into the tunnel.

On the second corner there's a wider area that could have been suitable for storage or sleeping.

The most unusual feature is where the tunnel drops down and around almost like a spiral staircase.

You'll see one entrance that has been completely blocked with soil from a collapse, and a tunnel that was never completed. I wonder if that blocked entrance is visible from the outside?

When we emerge, we've traveled right under the ridge, and come out quite a lot lower down than where we went in.

Photos that show this place



I've been asked how to find this tunnel. If you're walking east along Black's Link, there's a ridge leading off south to your right. You can see it on the satellite view above.

The first section of the ridge is flat & quite wide. I think there is some exercise equipment there too. Further south, but still on roughly the same level, it narrows to a trail. Along that narrower section, the entrance to the tunnel is just off to the right (west) of the trail. If you walk along that section of the trail looking over the edge, you should be able to find it.

Stay safe - make sure you go with a friend, and let someone else know where you're going.

Regards, David

Any photos of that spiral staircase?