1898 Peak Directory

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Everybody out of the Mount Austin Hotel !  (sold to the Government for an Army Barracks)

Thomas Jackson of HSBC is back at Creggan, so it looks like he took his mum's advice and didn't sell it back in the 1880s.

And there is a new building - "Wyon".  Heaven knows where the name came from, or where the house was.  Google books serarch uncovered these curious facts though:



The issuing of this Dollar by our Mint for Hong Kong, reminds the Numismatist of our great Queen Elizabeth, " of famous memory," who, towards the close of her reign, granted a charter to certain merchants to trade with the East ; and when on enquiry, being informed that the required medium for mercantile transactions was the Spanish Dollar, ordered an English coinage to be struck, "  ... more

If related, it is dry humour indeed.  The Hong Kong Mint lasted only one year, and was sold to Jardine's for ... a Sugar Refinery

Year Surname Title First name Unit Building Street
1898 Alsberg   M.   Peak Hotel  
1898 Anderson   A.   Tor Crest  
1898 Anderson   G. C.   Eilandonan Mount Kellett
1898 Ball   J. D.   Fernside Mount Kellett
1898 Barlow   P. A.   Cloudlands  
1898 Barton   J.   Redhill Plantation Gap
1898 Baxter   H.   Stokes' Bungalow  
1898 Beattie   J. M. 1 Wyon Mount Gough
1898 Beck   J. M.   Oenora  
1898 Belilios Hon., C.M.G. E. R.   The Eyrie  
1898 Bell-Irving   J. J.   The Mount  
1898 Benjamin   S. S.      
1898 Bevington   C. 11 Mountain View  
1898 Bird   H. W.   Wyon Mount Gough
1898 Black Major-General     Des Voeux Villas  
1898 Boening   G. D.   Stolzenfels  
1898 Bowdler   F.   Fung Shui  
1898 Bowley   F. B. L. 7 Mountain View  
1898 Brewitt   P. 2 Mountain View  
1898 Brown   H. M.   Kellett Spur  
1898 Buckle   J. G. T. 2 Stewart Terrace  
1898 Caldwell Miss   2 Peak Hospital  
1898 Caldwell   G. A. 1 Stewart Terrace  
1898 Carey Capt.     Dunford  
1898 Carrington Sir John   Peak Side North  
1898 Chapman   A. 10 Stewart Terrace  
1898 Chatham   W.   Oenora Mount Kellett
1898 Cobbold Rev. R. F.   Plantation Gap  
1898 Coughtrie   J. B.   Peak Hotel  
1898 Cox   P. A. 11 Mountain View  
1898 Crook   J. R.   Oenora  
1898 Cumming   A.   Treverbyn    
1898 Dann   G. H.   Yalta Mount Kellett  
1898 Davis   W. H. T.   Peak Hotel    
1898 Deacon   F. B.   Wyon Mount Gough  
1898 Dennys   H. L. 7 Mountain View    
1898 Dodwell   F.   Wageningen    
1898 Dodwell   G. B.       absent
1898 Donald   A.   Peak Hotel    
1898 Dowler   H. G.   Wellburn    
1898 Droeze M. Haver   1 Hill Side    
1898 Elsdaie colonel R. E.   Peak Hotel    
1898 Evatt Surgeon-Colonel Creasy 2 Hill Side    
1898 Georges Colonel E. H.   Peak Hotel    
1898 Giraud Hon. A. 3 Stewart Terrace    
1898 Gordman Hon. W. Y.   Belvedere    
1898 Grist   E. J. 5 Stewart Terrace    
1898 Hastings   J.   The Retreat    
1898 Hastings   W. C. H. 2 Meirion    
1898 Henderson   F. 8 Mountain View    
1898 Heyde   O von der 3 Des Voeux villas    
1898 Holland Commodore     Admiralty Bungalow    
1898 Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Junior Mess       Cloudlands    
1898 Hooper   A. shelton   Peak Hotel    
1898 Hughes   E. Jones 1 Meirion Peak  
1898 Hutchison   J. D.   Oenora Mount Kellett absent
1898 Inchbald   C.   Peak Hotel    
1898 Jackson   T.   Creggan    
1898 Jones   J. W.   Mountain View    
1898 Kirch   H. H.   Kirkendoa Mount Gough  
1898 Kozhevar   R. 11 Mountain View    
1898 Kyshe   J. W. Norton   Peak Hotel    
1898 Langhorne Capt.   9 Des Voeux Villas    
1898 Layton   B. 1 Gough Hill  
1898 Leigh   R. K.   Leigh Tor  
1898 Lockhart Hon. J. H. Stewart   Ardsheal  
1898 Loeper   L. Von      
1898 Loxley   W. R. 1 Cameron Villas  
1898 Malsch   C. C.   Peak Hotel  
1898 Marshall   A. M. 11 Mountain View  
1898 Marten   R.   Peak Hotel  
1898 Master   G. C. C.   Peak Side South  
1898 May Hon. F. H.   Hill Side  
1898 May   A. J. 3 Mountain View  
1898 Mayer   E. 1 Mountain View  
1898 McCallum       Peak Hotel  
1898 Meyerink   H. F.     Plantation Gap
1898 Mumford   newman   The Homestead  
1898 Newton   W. 10 Mountain View  
1898 Noble   J. W. 8 Mountain View  
1898 Orange   J.   Redhill Plantation Gap
1898 Osborne   E. 9 Mountain View  
1898 P. & O. Mess     11 Mountain View  
1898 Palmer   C.   Clavadel  
1898 Perry   J. H.   The Retreat  
1898 Philpott   R. S. 11 Mountain View  
1898 Poate   W.   The Chalet Mount Kellett
1898 Pollock   H. F.   Peak Hotel  
1898 Potts   W. Hutton 5 Mountain View  
1898 Ram   E. A.   Fernside Mount Kellett
1898 Ray   W. H.   Redhill Plantation Gap
1898 Rennie Dr.     Treverbyn  
1898 Richards   C. W.   The Neuk Mount Kellett
1898 Richardson       Abergeldie Plantation Road
1898 Ritchie   H. A.   Brockhurst  
1898 Robinson   E. 6 Mountain View    
1898 Ross   A. 2 & 3 Cameron Villas    
1898 Rumsey Capt.     The Bluff Mount Gough  
1898 Sachse   P.   Stolzenfels    
1898 Saunders   W. J.   Kellett Crest    
1898 Seip   F.   Abergeldie   absent
1898 Sharp   C. S.   Redhill    
1898 Sinclair   A.   Peak Hotel    
1898 Smith   A. Findlay   Peak Hotel    
1898 Smith   H.   Taikoo    
1898 Smith   T. Sercombe   Fernside Mount Kellett  
1898 Stewart   Gershom   Mayfield Plantation Road  
1898 Stokes   A. G.   Peak Hotel    
1898 Thomas   J. P.   Peak Hotel    
1898 Trevelyan Capt     Dunottar    
1898 Turner   A.   Peak Side    
1898 Vallings Rev.       Mount Kellett
1898 Van Nierop Mrs.        
1898 Veitch   G. T.   Mayfield Plantation Road
1898 Webster   L. 3 Mountain View  
1898 Welman Capt   2 Cameron Villas  
1898 Wheeler   G. H.   Peak Hotel  
1898 Wicking   H.   Yalta Mount Kellett
1898 Wilcox   H. C. 4 Stewart Terrace  
1898 Wilcox   R. C. 4 Stewart Terrace  
1898 Wilkinson   C. D. 1 Des Voeux villas